What We Do

JFN is located in Tianjin, China. We could supply all kinds of ground screw pile(helix pile), solar frame(bracket), fence, seismic support and all kinds of shaped steel, all kinds of industrial and construction steel. We have all kinds of CNC equipment, stamping equipment, automatic welding machine, industrial robots and other advanced equipment. Tianjin is located in the largest steel base in north China, so we have stable purchasing channels of high-quality raw materials and professional technological team support. Relying on advanced equipments, high quality products and powerful technology, our products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, South Africa, Australia and many other places worldwide.

  • R&D

    Hold dozens of national patents. Design according to the needs of customers, choose the most suitable raw materials and structure, and effectively reduce customer costs.

  • Logistic

    Inventory management of conventional products, provide you with the corresponding deli very of urgent needs

  • Manufactory

    With complete automated production equipment, high-standard supporting suppliers and advanced laboratories, we will provide you with high-quality products.

  • Foreign Trade

    Self-owned import and export rights, providing customers with trade forms such as CIF, FOB, DDP and other customer requirements

  • Solar station Project

    ● 2018,Hokkaido Japan,34MW Solar Mounting Project

    ● 2019,Gifu Prefecture Japan, 22MWSolar Mounting Project

    ● 2019,Sendai Japan,1494meter solar station fence

    ● 2019,Japan,3000meter solar station fence

    ● 2019,Vietnam,16MW Solar Mounting Project

  • Ground screw piles foundation system

    ● Since 2019 we have been providing screw pile for woodenhouse and traffic facilities of Germany and Netherland;

    ● We always provide screw pile for merchant on Amozon and Ebay,our goods export to South America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, Europe , and etc.

  • JFN


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  • Screw pile application

    Ground screw pile works like a self-tapping screw,by its own thread "tap, drill, squeeze, press" the soil into screw thread. The products have advantages of construction is less affected by climate; short construction period; reusable; and do not need to excavate and dispose the residual soil. Suitable for all kinds of soil structure, such as loose soil, mountain, desert ground, perfect replacement of cement foundation. It is widely used in various fields such as photovoltaic power station, wooden house, light steel villa, fence, greenhouses, plank road, billboard, gardening and sports facilities.

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  • Solar Station Application

    JFN have ground screw double column structure, agricultural light complementary structure, Wind-resistant structure - (pipe column) and other many structures for solar station. These system solution can be used in every conditions: It can be applied to complex terrains such as flat land and mountains, and is not affected by seasonal temperatures. It has various flexible combination, has less land occupation, easy to disassemble, does not affect the reuse of the installation land, and can maximize land utilization. The requirements for terrain are low, and are mostly used for geological soil, cohesive soil, fill soil, collapsible loess and other geology.

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  • Fence Application

    According to application fence divided into Highway Fence、Rail fence、Bridge fence;Stadium fence. According to structure fence divided into Double circle fence ,Bilateral wire fence、Border guardrail fence, wave type fence、Triangular-bending fence, Barbed wire fence. Fences are widely used in municipal engineering, road, factory、development area、Stadium, park plaza etc area for safety. Its Beautiful shape, fastness, rust protection,. Suitable for mass standard production, fast installation and less labor.

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Relying on advanced equipment, high quality product and powerful technology, our products are exported to Japan, South Korea, southeast Asia, Western Europe, South Africa, Australia and other places.
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